Wildlife can be beautiful in their natural habitat but quite the opposite when they become a pest or nuisance in your home.  Just like us, wild animals need shelter when winter is on the horizon so they naturally look for somewhere to bed down for the coming season and your home is just the right choice unless you know how to keep them out.


So get ready to take down that “Vacancy” sign and let all those raccoons, groundhogs, mice, skunks, snakes and other pests know that your home is NOT available!  Here are 5 things you can do to get your home ready for winter and send all that wildlife on their way to search for a better home.





  1. Don’t feed the animals!

Sure it’s kind of fun throwing scraps and leftovers to a raccoon or some other wildlife, but come winter that bit of fun is like a personalized invitation to make your home their home.  Wild animals will look for the best place to bed down AND get fed.  Don’t make your home an option for them.

  1. Clean up your yard.

If your yard has trees such as pecan trees, etc., make sure to keep all those falling snacks cleaned up.  This can be worse than actually feeding those pests and attracts all kinds of wildlife like squirrels and mice.

  1. Keep your garage door closed.

That goes for any basement or other doors that would let a wildlife pest sneak in without you noticing.  Garages are notorious for being less than neat and tidy and those stacks of newspapers, boxes, and other overflow make perfect nesting places.

  1. Secure your crawlspace.

Crawlspaces are great places for animals to nest during winter so make sure this prime real estate is secure.  Make sure the crawlspace door has some sort of latch and check all those vents to make sure they are nice and tight.

  1. Don’t forget the roof.

Many wildlife pests are great climbers and there are a lot of ways a pest could make its way into your home right there on the roof.  Make sure your chimney has a secure chimney cap so an animal can’t nest there or get into your home.  Check all vents and anywhere else there is a potential opening like around eaves and soffit.


Prevention is the best medicine, but if you do find you have a wildlife invasion, a professional pest control company can help you get rid of the problem.  Wildlife is the key word here, more specifically, “wild”.  These animal pests are best left to the pros because they can pose some real risks for the do-it-yourselfer, including disease, rabies, and injuries.

The 5 Best Ways to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Home This Winter in Bristol TN

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