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Wildlife pests usually don’t want to be on our property, but they have to get by however they can. Our homes provide sources of temporary shelter and food for wildlife, albeit along with the stress of living among humans. On top of this, with more and more wildlife losing their usual homes to human development, some animals have nowhere else to live.

It’s important to remember that any wild animals living on your property are more scared of you than you are of them. However, this doesn’t mean you should try to get rid of wildlife on your own. Read on to learn from Leo’s Pest Control’s wildlife experts about what animals we commonly deal with here in Bristol TN and what you can do to prevent them in the first place.

5 Common Wildlife Pests in Bristol TN

These are the five wildlife pests that our technicians deal with most often:

  1. Raccoons: These nocturnal animals are after our food, our trash, and a warm place to stay. Raccoons have no problem burrowing in our yard or tearing through our roofs to find a good place to hide.
  2. Bats: As the most common winged wildlife pest in the area, bats take up a category of their own. Bats love to hide in our attics, and when they take up residence, they can put your family at risk of diseases.
  3. Squirrels: Although they don’t cause problems in smaller numbers, a big group of squirrels nesting on your property can become quite a nuisance. They chew on roofing, wood, wires, and more surfaces to keep their teeth trimmed down.
  4. Skunks: Everybody knows why you don’t want skunks around. Unfortunately, they’re fairly common in Bristol TN, so we have to tread carefully around them.
  5. Rodents: Rats and mice are probably the two most common wildlife pests that we’re called to come control. They can cause fire hazards, property damage, exposure to disease, and general filth when they breach your walls.

How to Prevent Wildlife on Your Property

There are several steps that you can take to make your property less susceptible to wildlife outbreaks:

  • Use trash bins with lids that seal tightly
  • Clear away any yard waste as often as you can
  • Keep your trees and plants trimmed and away from your home
  • Make sure not to leave out any food or drinks

These strategies can help you avoid wildlife pest issues, but sometimes you will just be a victim of circumstance. Wild animals need places to live, too.

Wildlife Control for Bristol Homes

If you have wildlife living on your property, the safest bet is to leave it to a professional pest control company to remove them. At Leo’s Pest Control, we use a variety of wildlife control strategies to safely and quickly remove pests from homes in Bristol. To learn more about our services or for a free quote, contact our wildlife removal team today!


5 of The Most Common Wildlife Pests in Bristol TN

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