If a wild animal has decided to try the city life by moving into your home, you may need a professional pest control company with experience in wildlife control.  Different animals require different techniques to effectively remove them and prevent them from coming back, so the first step is to find a reputable company that has proper training and experience.


Do Your Research

Finding reviews, referrals and recommendations for a service provider is easier than ever with the wide availability of the internet.  Social media provides real-time feedback from consumers just like you and is a good resource for finding out the reputation of a service company.  Review sites such as Yelp, Google and Angie’s List can give you a good idea of what pest control companies are taking good care of their customers and how good they are at what they do.  The more reviews and testimonials you can find, the better.  Numerous reviews about a specific company will provide a more balanced picture of what the company is really like because not all reviews are totally objective.  Don’t let a single bad, or good, review determine your opinion of a company.  Take the time to dig deep and if the company has been around for awhile, you should be able to find enough reviews to make a good decision.


Once you have done the research and found some reputable pest control companies, it’s time to give one a call and ask a few questions.

  • Does the company provide free estimates or is their an inspection fee? The answer, either yes or no, shouldn’t be a deal breaker, just something you want to know upfront. You will find that most established companies will charge a fee for an inspection.
  • Is the company licensed and insured? This should be a given, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. An unlicensed company, regardless of the reason, should be eliminated from your choices.  An uninsured company not only puts you at financial risk should an accident or other incident occur during the process, it leaves you little recourse if you find you have made a bad choice.  Just like an unlicensed company, an uninsured company should be eliminated also.
  • Can the company provide a detailed report of their inspection and be able to discuss with you the details concerning the approach they recommend? In other words, will they be able to give you a clear picture of exactly how they are going to fix your problem and listen to your concerns?


Once you have found a company that you feel comfortable with, it’s time to schedule the inspection.

When the technician arrives, you should expect a professional appearance, a professional demeanor and a willingness to answer any questions you may have.  At the very least, you should find out what is involved in the inspection process so you can be assured the inspection is a thorough one.


An experienced technician should also be asking questions.  Have you seen the wildlife in question?

How often and where?  If not, what signs have you seen and what else leads you to believe you have a problem?  Again, how often and where.  The better you can explain what you have found, the better the technician will be able to pinpoint the entry points and the degree of infestation.

How To Choose A Wildlife Control Company in Bristol TN

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