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Whether you have a family of raccoons on your roof or skunks under your porch, it’s important to never attempt to remove wild animals on your own. Especially when these animals are lost and feel threatened, they can be more aggressive than normal and shouldn’t be handled by just anyone.

So when is it time to call a wildlife exterminator? To keep you, your family, and your home safe, the wildlife removal team at Leo’s Pest Control is proud to offer wildlife removal services throughout the Bristol TN area.

When is a Wildlife Exterminator Needed?

Everyone sees a wild animal on or near their property from time to time. However, if these wild animals continue to return, invade your property, or start to grow in numbers, it’s time to consider calling in an expert. From attics to crawl spaces, wild animals can take up residency in your home and cause a variety of nuisances. Wildlife can spread diseases, cause damage to your home (or you!), and even put you at risk for fire hazards. Leo’s Pest Control has over 50 years of experience as a wildlife trapper, and we know how to make your home safe and healthy using the best treatment plans.

What to Expect With Our Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife removal can be a hazardous and complicated undertaking without the proper training and tools. Leo’s Pest Control can provide a safe and healthy environment for you and your family by using their years of experience, integrated approach and extensive knowledge of wildlife. Some of the steps in our wildlife removal process include:

  1. A thorough property inspection of your home or business
  2. Identification of the wildlife species and the conditions that may be attracting them
  3. Development of a wildlife control plan to tackle your unique infestation
  4. Proper sealing of entry points or exclusion efforts to control sources of the infestation
  5. Implementation of wildlife removal traps, baits, or techniques
  6. If necessary, further visits from our wildlife exterminators to surpass your expectations to keep your property safe from wild animals

Professional Wildlife Control Services

At Leo’s, we know know that wild animals inside your home or invading your yard can be distressing. When you enlist our wildlife removal services, you can trust you will be protected. You will receive a complete plan of treatment that includes wildlife trapping and removal, odor removal, clean up and exclusion methods to prevent a future problem.

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When to Call a Wildlife Exterminator in Bristol TN

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