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Termite Control and Damage Repair with Leo's Pest Control

The thought of your home being infested with termites is a scary proposition and for good reason.

  • Termites cause more damage than fires and floods combined.
  • Most homeowner's insurance policies don't cover termite damage.
  • Depending on the type of termite and the degree of infestation, there can be multiple colonies of over a million termites each.
  • Most termite activity goes unnoticed and can lead to severe structural damage if not addressed.

Here at Leo's Pest Control, we understand termites and how to get rid of them. We begin by thoroughly inspecting for termite infestation and damage, and then provide a detailed treatment and repair plan designed for your particular home. Depending on the type of home and the degree of infestation, a successful termite treatment will include the use of pesticides, moisture control, monitoring and damage repair.

Traditional treatments using pesticides are applied to create a continuous barrier between termites and your home. If your home is built on a slab, Leo's will drill into slab areas to inject a pesticide into the soil creating a line of defense against termites. The areas treated will typically include driveways, patios, garages and of course the main structure. This drilling technique may also be used with crawl space applications to ensure complete control.

If your home has a crawl space, we create trenches along walls, around pillars and any other parts of your home that is in contact with soil. A pesticide designed specifically for termites is applied to these trenches to create the barrier that keeps termites out of your home. These termiticides are designed to repel termites and destroy their colonies. Injection into piers and other structural areas may also be necessary depending on your particular situation but typically requires little if any need to treat within the home itself.

Termites like moisture and crawl spaces too often offer the perfect climate for termite infestation. Your crawl space may need additional ventilation and a moisture barrier to keep moisture at safe levels.Automatic vents installed in sufficient quantity and in the right places keep a crawl space dry by allowing a continuous flow of air to circulate throughout the space. Moisture barriers, typically a heavy gauge poly material, are secured directly to the dirt floor of a crawl space keeping the moisture down in the soil where it belongs and away from your home.

There's a good chance your home may have minimal to extensive termite damage, depending on how many termites there are and how long they have been in your home. Leo's will provide you with a detailed proposal for repairing any damages we find during our inspection and treatment. Whether it's structural damage or cosmetic damage, you can expect the most thorough and economical repairs from a trusted and experienced company.

Once we have successfully treated for termites and damages have been repaired, you can count on Leo's to keep termites from returning with our termite monitoring service. By installing stations designed to attract termites that may be in the area of your home and monitoring them with a scheduled frequency, we can keep your home safe by catching any potential infestations before they happen.

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