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Wildlife Removal and Trapping with Leo's Pest Control

Wildlife removal calls are becoming more and more routine as wild animals have learned to adapt and even flourish in human environments such as homes and offices. From attics to crawl spaces, wild animals can take up residency in your home and cause a variety of nuisances. Wildlife can spread diseases, cause damage to your home (or you!) and even put you at risk for fire hazards. Leo's Pest Control has over 50 years of experience as a wildlife trapper, from snake removal to bat control, and we know how to make your home safe and healthy using the best treatment plans.

Damage, Disease and Other Mayhem
Wild animals can cause a lot of damage in your home without you even knowing about it until it's too late. Rodents, rats, and squirrels love to chew on electrical wires in attics and other out of the way places putting you and your family at risk of fire and potentially costly repairs. Raccoons and other wildlife can chew through eaves and other parts of a roof to get into an attic which can lead to leaks and moisture damage.

Birds, bats, rodents, raccoons and other wildlife can carry diseases and viruses. These pests can transmit bacteria, diseases and viruses from the scary sounding Giardia Lambis to the more familiar Salmonella. From actual contact with a wild animal to coming in contact with their feces, there are a lot of ways you and your family could be at risk from a long list of contaminants. Bat control is of particular concern because bats are the most common transmitters of rabies and are one of the most common wildlife home invaders.

Leaking roofs, electrical fires and the risk of disease are certainly enough to cause alarm, but the list of problems wild animals can cause in your home is a long one. That raccoon in the attic probably has fleas, so eventually, you and your family may get fleas. Odors from urine and feces can make your home uninhabitable, and bacteria can be spread by your heating and cooling system into the air you and your family breath. Water contamination is also a potential risk. The professional wildlife removal services from Leo's will eliminate all those risks.

What to Expect
Wildlife removal can be a hazardous and complicated undertaking without the proper training and tools. Leo's Pest Control can provide a safe and healthy environment for you and your family by using their years of experience, integrated approach and extensive knowledge of wildlife. We use the most effective and humane methods available in the industry and keep you updated throughout the process.

Just like all of Leo's pest control services, you can expect professional, knowledgeable and effective exterminators who have your family's health and safety in mind throughout the course of treatment. 

Your exterminator will inspect your home, determine what wildlife is involved and how it got into your home in the first place. You will receive a complete plan of treatment that includes wildlife trapping and removal, odor removal, clean up and exclusion methods to prevent a recurrence.

Our services are licensed, insured, and guaranteed!

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