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What do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Bed bug bites can easily appear to be other types of insect bites. A bed bug bite looks like a small red bump with a dark center and a lighter, swollen ring around it. 

Two things that make bed bug bites different from other bites are:

  1. Bed bugs often bite people in lines or zigzags.
  2. Bites will occur on areas of exposed skin at night.
What do bed bug bites look like? | Bristol TN | Leo's Pest Control

Bed Bug Bites or Flea Bites?

The difference between bed bug bites and flea bites is the level of pain. You will feel a flea bite almost immediately after you have been bitten. Bed bug bites do not hurt or show any symptoms until hours later. Flea bites are often grouped together on the lower parts of the body, usually on ankles, and usually in random patterns. Bed bug bites will be laid out in lines or zigzags. While both kinds of bites cause itchiness and redness, bed bug bites are usually much larger.

Bed Bug Bites or Mosquito Bites?

Like bed bug bites, mosquito bites can leave you with itchy, red marks on your skin. Unlike bed bug bites, mosquito bites don’t come in patterns. They bite you in random places wherever there is exposed skin. A mosquito bite bump forms just minutes after you are pierced, and will begin to itch very quickly. Mosquito bites are much more dangerous in the sense that they can pass on diseases, but their bites tend to heal quicker, too. 

Identifying a Bed Bug Bite

It’s easy to see why bed bug bites are mistaken for other kinds of bug bites. This makes it crucial to know how bed bug bites are different. If you think that a bite on your skin is a bed bug bite, you should check around your home for signs of bed bugs.