Helen R. Avatar
Helen R.
9/08/2022 - Google

Our technician, Daniel, is very thorough and professional. No more spiders!

Jane L. Avatar
Jane L.
8/26/2022 - Google

Leo's has been our provider for decades. They have been prompt and concerned when we have had any difficulties in our apartment complex. Above and bey... read more

Wendy Swiney

Thank you so much to Brian for his great service in taking care of my parent's home. They live near woods and have lots of creepy crawlies around. The... read more

Tom & Connie

We have been with Leo’s and used them for over 20 years for bug control and termite protection. Our service representative, Brian, has always been cou... read more

Mrs. H. Avatar
Mrs. H.
8/25/2022 - Google

At 1st I wasn't sure about it and then I got Brian as my pest control service man and he is absolutely wonderful... He's always checking in to make su... read more

larry c. Avatar
larry c.
8/25/2022 - Google

We are very pleased with the service that Leo's Pest Control has provided here at First Presbyterian Church now for going on 15 years. Would and have ... read more

Lesa U. Avatar
Lesa U.
8/25/2022 - Google

Brian did a great job removing bees nest from our porch! He even vacuumed up the dead wasps! He’s a life saver since we have someone highly allergic t... read more

Nicole W. Avatar
Nicole W.
8/02/2022 - Google

I’ve been using them for the 3 years I’ve owned my home. They come out like clockwork and I didn’t even hesitate to call when I found a yellow jackets... read more

Mer O. Avatar
Mer O.
7/29/2022 - Google

April W. Avatar
April W.
7/27/2022 - Google

Chandler was very professional and courteous as he called the day before and the day of our service to let us know when he would be here. After he arr... read more

Melissa K. Avatar
Melissa K.
7/19/2022 - Google

Martha D. Avatar
Martha D.
7/19/2022 - Google

Excellent service!

Sharon C. Avatar
Sharon C.
7/18/2022 - Google

They do a great job. And they're friendly and answer all my questions

Paige K. Avatar
Paige K.
7/11/2022 - Google

He did an amazing job and made sure our pets would be safe, including the honey bees.Thank youServices: Ant extermination, General pest inspection

Jimmy K. Avatar
Jimmy K.
7/11/2022 - Google

We had yellow jackets building under the siding at our back entrance of our home. Bee spray was no help, as it only made them mad and more dangerous t... read more

Jeffrey C. Avatar
Jeffrey C.
6/27/2022 - Google

Wendy W. Avatar
Wendy W.
6/27/2022 - Google

We have been a Leo's client since 2006. During COVID, something happened and we couldn't contact anyone and went with another provider. We are sorry w... read more

Tony d. Avatar
Tony d.
6/17/2022 - Google

Don O. Avatar
Don O.
6/17/2022 - Google

Service oriented & great field technicians…Services: General pest inspection, Termite extermination, Bug & insect extermination, Spider extermination... read more

Charles L. Avatar
Charles L.
6/14/2022 - Google

Although I have not had an inspection this year, Leo's has always done an excellent job with me.Services: Home inspection, General pest inspection, Te... read more

Brenda C

Always calls first and checks before he begins so that he can address issues. Friendly and courteous and willing to help with any problems.

Julia B

Our technician Nick is very knowledgeable and professional. He is polite, communicates promptly and well, makes sure I understand everything, and exp... read more

Nathan Y. Avatar
Nathan Y.
5/29/2022 - Google


Writing another review for Nick ! We have a mite problem this year especially around our pool area . Nick came and sprayed but it didn’t kill them so ... read more

Jan B. Avatar
Jan B.
5/18/2022 - Google

We are very pleased with Leo's. The staff is very professional. Ernest always calls before he comes and arrives during the time he's told us. He does ... read more

steve h. Avatar
steve h.
5/17/2022 - Google

Barb S. Avatar
Barb S.
5/16/2022 - Google

Albert L. Avatar
Albert L.
5/15/2022 - Google

Dennis M. Avatar
Dennis M.
5/15/2022 - Google

Sharon W. Avatar
Sharon W.
4/19/2022 - Google

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