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No homeowner has the time to deal with a pest infestation! Home pest control is essential to keeping you and your family safe on your property all year long. Rodents, roaches, termites, and ants are just a few of the most common pest infestations dealt with by Bristol TN residents.

Without the help of a home exterminator, pest problems are inevitable. The Leo’s Pest Control family uses only the best exterminators using the best techniques to make sure your family is safe and pest-free* all year long.

The Importance of Home Extermination

If you are a homeowner, you’ve dealt with pests before. Whether it was ants in your kitchen or cockroaches under the bathroom sink, you know how frustrating and distressing infestations are. Even when you think your pest problem is minor, it’s always best to enlist the expertise of a home exterminator. Infestations are expensive, dangerous, and can interrupt your daily life. In order to keep a pest-free* home, team up with the home extermination experts at Leo’s Pest Control. Your exterminator understands the importance of developing an approach that is tailored to your needs while still getting the job done and will be able to answer any questions you may have from beginning to end.

Reliable Home Pest Control Services

The team at Leo’s will customize a home pest control plan fitted to the unique needs of your property. Our home extermination includes the following steps:

  1. Property inspection: One of our technicians will inspect your house for pests, signs of activity, and vulnerabilities that may lead to infestations. By determining the source of the infestation, we can customize the best treatment plan.
  2. Pest control treatment: Your technician will implement a number of pest control treatments, including sealing cracks and crevices, treating nests or trails, and applying bait in your home in a safe and discreet manner.
  3. Pest management plan: We customize a home pest control treatment plan for your specific pest challenge. Our approach to preventative pest control combines inspection, identification, and exclusion techniques guided by our IPM principles.

Home Exterminators You Can Trust

Our team of home exterminators knows how frustrating, time-consuming, and costly a pest infestation can be. We focus on stopping pest infestations before they begin by providing you with home pest control services all year long.

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