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TAP® Insulation: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve explored our websites and the services we offer for homes in and around the area, you’ve probably heard of TAP® Insulation. And maybe you have some questions –
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What You Should Know About TAP® Insulation

As winter approaches and the weather cools down in the TN area, pests start looking for protection, warmth, and a reliable food source. All of these things are present in
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Will Rodents Damage My Insulation?

You may already know the signs of a mouse or rat infestation. There are the droppings, the punctured bags of food and gnawed-on stored belongings. Some people don’t even need
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What Should You Do If You See an Atlas Moth?

In August 2022, reports of a giant Atlas Moth spotted near Seattle, Washington, made headlines because it was the first time this gargantuan species had been seen in the United
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Which Fall Pests Could Be Lurking in Your Walls?

Which Fall Pests Could Be Lurking in Your Walls? Every year when temperatures drop, insects and vermin that don’t die off take part in a phenomenon called “overwintering,” which basically
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Common Pests During the Late Summer

Some of us look forward to the end of summer to finally catch a break from pests, but August and September won’t afford us this opportunity quite yet. In fact,
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Get Ants Out of Your Bathroom

Here in Bristol TN, we’re used to dealing with all kinds of ants throughout the year. Unlike most kinds of regional pests, ant problems aren’t confined to one season. Any
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Pest Proof Your Backyard in 10 Steps

The sunshine and warmth bring everyone outdoors all spring and summer here in Bristol TN. However, we aren’t the only ones excited about the good weather. All sorts of common
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Dealing with Carpenter Ant Damage

Carpenter ants might not be the most destructive pests in the world, but they make up for what they lack in speed and volume with stealth and strategy. These ants
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What Animal is in My Attic?

Hearing items moving around up in your attic? Or maybe something walking around in the middle of the night? This may sound like a scene straight out of a B-list
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Do Bees Hibernate During the Winter?

We all know bees are in abundance during the spring and summer months. They even remain active—and potentially aggressive—during the fall as their resources begin to dwindle. But what happens
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Why Insulate Your Home Part 2: Comfort & Soundproofing

We all want our homes to be comfortable, cozy, and peaceful. Insulation may be just the ticket for creating that environment that makes a house a home. If your home
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