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Spring is almost here. With the weather warming up, the pests are waking up as well. Now is the time to look around your home and yard for ways you could ensure being as pest-free* as possible. Typical springtime pests in Bristol, Tennessee that would be unwelcome guests – Ants, roaches, rodents and termites. By having a thorough spring cleaning regime, homeowners can start prevent pests for the year the come.

Tips for Spring Cleaning for Pest Prevention

Clean and Inspect Kitchen

Anywhere there is food or water you are likely to attract various pests. They could hibernate in colder seasons under your sink or in your cabinets. Ants are common culprits as they are drawn to food debris.
Some preventative inspection can be done that includes:

  • Always store food in tightly sealed containers or refrigerators. Keep kitchen counters and floors clean of food debris.
  • Seal holes under or around cabinets, and walls that lead to the outside.
  • Check pipes for leaks.

Clean Pantry

Not only are ants and roaches drawn to where food is stored, but also known to this area are: Cigarette Beetle, Confused Flour Beetle, Indian Meal Moth and Sawtooth Grain Beetle. While they don’t pose a health risk, they will ruin your food. Did you stock up on flour, sugar or cake mixes for the holiday season? Check the expiration date and consider transferring dry goods to airtight, sealed containers of plastic, metal or glass. This can help keep pests at bay.

Dry goods can harbor insects from the grocery store, so always check packages for tears or holes before bringing them home.

Declutter Closets

Warmer weather means it’s time to swap out your winter clothes for lighter springtime wear. This is a great time to declutter. An overstuffed closet can be home to pests like spiders looking for a home. Decluttering is a perfect time to donate items no longer worn or clothes your children have outgrown. Once decluttered, vacuum all corners to get rid of any hiding pests.

Trim Shrubs and Cut Back Trees

Trim back trees and bushes, as they could be used as bridges to gain access to your house. Keep your lawn mowed and weeds down. Don’t let piles of yard trimmings or brush accumulate as this becomes a perfect place for pests to hide.

Declutter and Clean Attic

Mice are prone to take up residence in your attic, as they are looking for a nice warm, dry place to nest. The best way to prevent this is to seal any holes leading outside, remember mice can enter through a hole the size of a dime. Declutter by donating things you don’t use and storing items in tightly sealed plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes. This helps eliminate clutter and will keep your stored items pest-free*.

Examine Your Homes Exterior

Check for cracks or holes in your foundation or siding. How about your windows? Any opening leading into your home is an invitation for pests to enter. Ants are spring and summertime pests that typically invade your home through tiny cracks or holes around your doors or windows. Dark cluttered places are very attractive hiding places for spiders, ants, cockroaches and rodents. Minimizing any clutter discourages pests from taking up residence by taking away their hideouts. Remove anything collecting standing water. Buckets, pots and tires become breeding grounds for mosquitos.

Trash Cans

Make sure your trash can lids are tight fitting and using trash bags adds an extra layer of pest prevention and control. 

Remove Firewood Away from Your Home

Stacks of firewood can attract many insects, including termites. It acts as both shelter and a food supply. To keep pulp-eating pests out of your home’s woodwork, move your firewood away from any buildings.

Pest Control on Call

Eliminating anything that could attract insects or pests to your home is the most proactive thing you can do to prevent infestations. While you cannot prevent everything, the professionals at Leo’s Pest Control can provide the exterminating help you need. Call us today for a free quote.

Pest Prevention through Spring Cleaning in Bristol TN

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