Person checking for ticks on their dog

Playing outside in the summer sun can be a lot of fun for you and your furry friends. However, there’s one problem that can turn a great day outdoors into an itchy and unpleasant experience: ticks. These tiny pests may seem harmless, but they can cause a whole host of health issues for our pets. 

From Lyme disease to Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ticks can transmit a number of diseases to our dogs that can lead to long-term complications. Thankfully, there are several ways you can prevent ticks from latching onto your pets. To protect your dog from ticks this summer, follow these tips:

Perform Daily Tick Inspections

Every time you and your pets step outdoors, you run the risk of picking up a tick. A daily inspection can help you swiftly identify and remove these pests. After coming indoors, take a few minutes to check your dog’s fur for signs of ticks. Be sure to look in common hiding spots, such as between toes or inside of the ears. 

Avoid Tall Grass

Ticks love hanging out in grassy areas with a lot of dense vegetation, so be vigilant when venturing into the wilderness. Choose well-maintained paths and avoid letting your pup romp around in overgrown areas. To make your property less attractive to ticks and other pests, you can also keep your yard neat and tidy with regular mowing and landscaping. 

Regularly Bathe Your Pets

Regular baths are not just for fresh-smelling fur; they are also a way to battle against ticks. Use a mild dog-friendly shampoo to cleanse away any lurking critters. Remember to double-check for any ticks that may be hiding out while you wash your dog. 

Talk to Your Veterinarian

Veterinarians know which tick prevention products are safe for your pets and worth the investment. They can recommend effective repellents to keep ticks off your dog. Schedule a chat with your vet to discuss the best tick prevention options for your pet’s unique needs.

Call Leo’s Pest Control

If your property is under a tick siege, it is time to call in the professionals. Investing in expert tick extermination services can help get rid of these pests quickly and prevent them from coming back. At Leo’s, we’re proud to offer a satisfaction guarantee that ensures your property is pest-free* long-term.

Do not let ticks ruin your day or harm your dog’s health. Call Leo’s Pest Control today and say goodbye to those pesky parasites.

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