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Pest Control and Exterminators in Thorn Hill

Exterminators in Thorn Hill

Thorn Hill's rugged landscapes and rolling hills embody the quiet, untouched spirit of rural Tennessee. This secluded area is favored by those seeking solitude and a close connection to nature. Leo's Pest Control is dedicated to maintaining the undisturbed beauty of Thorn Hill with environmentally sensitive pest control practices that protect residents' properties and the surrounding wilderness. When we founded our company all the way back in 1965, it was with the goal of providing the best possible residential and commercial Pest Control. No matter which type of pest you're dealing with, we provide state-of-the-art solutions you can count on. We also offer PestFree365+, a preventative pest control service plan that provides peace of mind all year. If you're ready to get started with one-time Exterminators services or learn more about our pest control plans, call us today for a free estimate or ask about our limited-time offers.

Crawl Space Moisture Control Services in Thorn Hill

Tackle the root cause of many household problemsexcess moisture. With Leo's Pest Control crawl space moisture control services, you can prevent moisture and the issues that come with it. Our advanced moisture control services include professional encapsulation and ventilation strategies that not only stop mold and wood decay but also guard against pest infestations. Experience a cleaner, safer home environment with our specialized services.

Experience Comprehensive Tick and Flea Control with Leo's

In Thorn Hill, ticks are a year-round threat that requires professional attention. Leo's Pest Control provides top-tier flea and tick extermination services to ensure your home remains pest-free. Our experienced team will not only treat current infestations with precision but also help you implement prevention strategies to keep ticks and fleas at bay. Trust us to protect your family and pets from the dangers of flea and tick-borne diseases.

Pest Control in Thorn Hill

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