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Pest Control and Exterminators in Chilhowie

Exterminators in Chilhowie

Chilhowie, known affectionately as the "Valley of Many Deer," beautifully captures the essence of Virginia's natural allure with its abundant wildlife and scenic views. This small town is deeply rooted in its Native American heritage and proud of its peaceful rural atmosphere. Leo's Pest Control ensures that Chilhowie's homes and natural sites remain pristine and undisturbed by pests, preserving the tranquil environment that defines this charming community. Leo's Pest Control offers both residential and commercial Pest Control services and we've been doing it since 1965. Whether it's mosquitoes or wasps in the summer or rats and mice in the winter or anything else, we have your back. We also offer PestFree365+, a preventative pest control service plan that provides peace of mind all year. Get started today with a free no-obligation quote, or call us and ask about our Exterminators coupons.

Real Estate Pest Inspections and WDI Reports

Navigating the real estate market can be daunting, but when you work with the experts at Leo's Pest Control, you can move forward with confidence. Our exhaustive real estate inspections and WDI reports cover every part of your property, identifying both current pest activity and areas susceptible to future problems.

Premier Pest Protection for Restaurants and Food Service

In the restaurant industry, reputation is everything. At Leo's Pest Control, we understand the critical impact pests can have on your businessfrom failing health inspections to causing negative reviews. Our expert team specializes in comprehensive pest management for restaurants and food service establishments, targeting everything from rodents that could bring ticks and fleas, to disease-carrying cockroaches. We'll work closely with you to develop a customized plan that not only meets, but exceeds health standards, ensuring your restaurant remains clean, compliant, and commendable.

Pest Control in Chilhowie

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