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Does Baking Soda Kill Bed Bugs?

There is no solid evidence that baking soda is an effective method of bed bug control. Baking soda is supposed to dehydrate bed bugs. While this can work as a temporary solution, it will rarely work to halt an entire infestation. Still, many people try to use baking soda to get rid of bed bugs in their homes.

Here’s how baking soda treatment is supposed to work:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda around areas of high bed bug activity, like your mattress and surrounding area.
  2. Vacuum it up and repeat a few days later.
  3. Continue as needed until bed bugs are gone.
Does baking soda kill bed bugs? | Bristol TN | Leo's Pest Control

How Does Baking Soda Work Against Bed Bugs?

The idea behind using baking soda as a bed bug control product is that baking soda breaks down when it is introduced to water. Therefore, it is said to absorb the layer of fluids found in a bed bug’s shell, causing them to become completely dehydrated. The small baking soda granules are also supposed to cut through the bed bug’s shell and cause internal bleeding. Even if this method succeeds in eliminating some of the bed bugs in your home, it will not be the end solution to a whole infestation.

At-Home Bed Bug Solutions

There are many at-home treatments on the internet that claim to work to control bed bugs, but which ones actually do? Although they will have varying degrees of success in bed bug spot treatment, it is rare that any will take care of your entire infestation. Some of these methods include talcum powder, rubbing alcohol, mothballs, diatomaceous earth, and tea tree oil. These can provide temporary bed bug relief.

Why Baking Soda Doesn't Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Baking soda can only provide a temporary solution to your infestation in most cases. If you rely on baking soda to stop your bed bug infestation, you could end up dealing with bed bugs for much longer than you would like. This is why it is important to seek out professional bed bug treatment, so that you can rest easy in a house free of pests.

Does Baking Soda Kill Bed Bugs? in Bristol TN

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