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Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bug bites can usually be treated at home without help. Over-the-counter pain medications and creams that reduce itchiness will help soothe mild symptoms.

If your bed bug bite symptoms are mild or negligible, there are some DIY remedies to try: baking soda and water, toothpaste, aloe vera, and more!

Getting rid of a whole bed bug infestation requires professional help. Bed bug exterminators use heat treatments, steam treatments and more techniques.

Baking soda is claimed to dehydrate and kill off bed bugs effectively, but there is no evidence showing it will take care of an entire infestation.

Professional bed bug treatment works better, but there are several DIY bed bug control options. These include thorough vacuuming and washing.

Washing your clothes and bedding in hot water should kill off your bed bugs. Be careful when taking infested materials to the laundry room.

Bed bugs are not after our food, so you do not have to clean out your pantry or throw out your food after a bed bug infestation.

No, in fact, you should actually avoid transporting your infested mattress at all. This could spread bed bugs around your house.

Bed bugs rarely infest carpets, but it’s important to vacuum your carpet thoroughly just in case. Be careful when tossing vacuum cleaner bags!

Before your treatment, your pest control company will give you instructions. This will including leaving the premises for a few hours.