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How to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Thankfully, bed bug bites are treatable at home on your own. To allow them to heal properly, you should never itch them. There are several treatments you can purchase to heal your bites, too.

Remember these things when trying to treat bed bug bites:

  • Bites will heal in a week or two on their own.
  • You can use over-the-counter products to relieve itchiness.
  • Hydrocortisone works for itching and burning.
How to treat bed bug bites | Bristol TN | Leo's Pest Control

Bed Bug Bite Treatment Options

It’s important to take treatment seriously for bed bug bites. Washing the area with water and mild soap will help. If you leave the soap on the bite marks, it may help with itchiness. Washing the bites will also prevent secondary skin infections. After that, you can use a number of medicines and treatment options to treat your bed bug bites:

  1. Apply hydrocortisone as directed by the manufacturer.
  2. Use calamine lotion to relieve itching.
  3. Take OTC pain relievers to ease pain from bites.
  4. Take an oral antihistamine for swelling as directed.

How Long do Bed Bug Bites Take to Heal?

If left to heal without scratching, bed bug bites will heal in a week or two. As tempting as it is, you cannot scratch your bites without lengthening the healing process. Scratching can also worsen your symptoms. For people that have a history of insect bite sensitivity, bed bites can take longer to heal, but no more than a month usually.

Can You Treat Bed Bug Bites All On Your Own?

Thankfully, you can almost always rely on yourself to treat bed bug bites. If your symptoms worsen, ask a medical professional about what you should do. It’s also crucial to enlist the services of a bed bug exterminator to get rid of your bed bugs so that you don’t get bit anymore!