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How Long Does Mosquito Treatment Last?

Mosquito treatments are meant to be an ongoing process to provide continual protection against infestations around your property. Depending on the type of mosquito treatment used, they are typically effective for one to two months. The weather, environment, and the mosquito population size can all affect how long mosquito treatment stays effective. When you work with a professional mosquito control expert, they will determine when your Bristol and Johnson City home or property needs to be retreated for mosquitoes.

How Long Does A Mosquito Treatment Last in Bristol TN - Leo's Pest Control

How Many Mosquito Treatments Do I Need?

Especially in regions where mosquitoes are common (including the Southeast), more than one mosquito treatment is needed to provide ongoing protection against mosquitoes in the spring and summer. After about a month’s time, the repellent that was applied will begin to degrade, therefore weakening the barrier around your yard. Rather than let the repellent fade away, it’s important to have your yard retreated to continue protecting you and your family from mosquitoes until the fall and winter months.

How Often Should I Treat For Mosquitoes?

Before mosquito season as well as in between treatments with your professional mosquito exterminator, you should still keep an eye on your yard to look for signs of mosquito activity. It’s also wise to implement easy DIY mosquito control tactics in the meantime:

  1. Inspect your yard every week during mosquito season to look for signs of activity.
  2. Tip-over any containers that have accumulated standing or stagnant water.
  3. When spending time outside, use a fan to discourage mosquitoes from gathering.

Mosquito Treatment Timeline in Bristol and Johnson City

Mosquito treatment should start in the very early spring months, which is typically March here in Bristol and Johnson City. After the initial treatment, your professional mosquito control expert will work with you to determine when you may need to be re-treated. This could be anywhere from 4-6 weeks after the initial repellent application. If your mosquito treatment isn’t proving to be as effective, always contact your mosquito experts for assistance.

How Long Does Mosquito Treatment Last? in Bristol TN

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