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Mosquito Treatment

In order for mosquito bites to heal properly, it’s important to thoroughly wash the site of the bite with soap and water. Learn more about treating mosquito bites.

In order to get rid of mosquito problems in your Bristol and Johnson City yard, many use mosquito traps, netting, repellents, and more. Find out which is best.

Many people favor natural, DIY treatments for pests, but do they work for mosquitoes? The experts at Leo’s are here to dispel mosquito treatment myths.

Mosquito treatment should start before mosquito season begins in the summer months. Here in Bristol and Johnson City, early March is the best time to start.

When administered by a professional mosquito exterminator, mosquito repellents or barrier treatments are completely safe for you and your yard. Learn more here!

Barrier treatments are considered to be one of the most effective mosquito treatments. Learn how they work to protect your home in Bristol and Johnson City.

Mosquito treatment is an effective way of both stopping and preventing mosquito infestations from taking over your yard. Find out more!

On average, mosquito treatment lasts for one to two months. This is why treatment may be required more than once to keep you protected throughout the mosquito season.

Mosquito Treatment in Bristol TN

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