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No matter the time of day or time of year, bugs in Bristol TN are out and biting. You could be awake or sleeping, outside or inside, and still be a target.

When it comes to staying safe from bug bites, flying pests can be the hardest to defend yourself from. There are multiple kinds of airborne insects in our region that can dish out painful, irritating, or even dangerous bites. In particular, we hear a lot of people complain about no-see-ums, gnats, and mosquitoes. If you think you’ve been bitten by one of these pests but are having trouble identifying your bites, read on for Leo’s Pest Control’s expert insight!

Gnats vs No-see-ums vs Mosquitoes

These three pests are widely felt to be Bristol’s most annoying insects. We’ve all ran into these pests at some point or another, but here’s how to be sure which one you’re seeing:

  1. Mosquitoes: Much larger than our other two friends, mosquitoes can be identified easily. They have long wings and a proboscis that looks like a needle protruding from their mouth. Their bodies form a hunch-backed position and grow to about 3/8”.
  2. Gnats: These tiny flies come out in spring and summer by the thousands. Gnats are very small with gray or black bodies, and they move together in large swarms, or clouds, of individuals.
  3. No-see-ums: No-see-ums are actually a specific type of gnat. They are even smaller than their counterparts, at only around 1/16” in length. This allows them to squeeze through the screens on our windows and doors.

Differences Between Bug Bites

One way to tell apart the kinds of pests around your home in Bristol TN is to be able to identify them by bite symptoms. These are the main differences between mosquito, gnat, and no-see-um bites:

  • Mosquito bites: Mosquito bites start as a raised white welt and recede into a pinkish-red bump. They are likely to take place on your arms, legs, or other easily accessible areas of exposed skin.
  • Gnat bites: Gnat bites look similar to mosquito bites, but can be distinguished by being darker, smaller, and more rough-looking. They also take longer to heal than mosquito bites.
  • No-see-um bites: Given that no-see-ums are actually gnats, their bites are very similar to most other gnats. However, no-see-ums are more likely to bite very close together and on less common areas, like your face.

In short, you can differentiate between these kinds of bites by how close together they are, how dark they are, and how long they last.

Preventing Bug Bites in Bristol TN

Using an insect repellent that is made of up to 20% DEET is one of the most effective methods of preventing bug bites during the summer in Bristol. However, if it isn’t enough to stop the pests around your property, you can rely on professional pest control to help you control your outbreak. At Leo’s Pest Control, we have plenty of experience eliminating all kinds of pest infestations and will conduct comprehensive inspections and repellent efforts to keep your yard pest-free*. For a free quote on pest control for mosquitoes, gnats, or no-see-ums, contact us today!

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