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How Much Does Termite Damage Cost to Repair in Bristol and Johnson City?

The damage from a termite infestation can be one of the most costly expenses when it comes to pest problems. Those faced with a serious termite infestation often pay upwards of $3,000 to repair damages caused by termites.

Mature termite colonies can cause significant damage. This damage can cost home or business owners several thousand dollars to repair. Nationwide, it is predicted that damage caused by termites cost nearly 5 billion dollars in total damage each year.

How Much Does Termite Damage Cost To Repair In Bristol TN; Leo's Pest Control

Expenses from Termite Infestations

Most termite infestations are thankfully caught before severe damage has been inflicted. Small repairs from an infestation that are mostly cosmetic or on a smaller scale can cost just a few hundred dollars. When an infestation has been going on for some time (typically about 5 years or more), they may cause structural damage. If this is the case, the costs associated with repairs can be much higher.

Damage From Termites

  1. Minor termite infestation damage: Termite activity can cause discoloration in walls or on floors. Their tunneling can result in your hardwood floors bending and buckling, as well as problems within your sheetrock such as discoloration and even your paint chipping away. Cosmetic damage repairs typically only cost a few hundred dollars.
  2. Structural or property damage: When termites chew their way through structural beams or walls in your home, the destruction is far more costly to repair. While it varies widely depending on each situation, homeowners typically pay at least a couple thousand dollars in structural repairs.

Termite Treatment or Prevention Costs

Termites are dreaded because of the costs it requires to fix wood damage after an infestation. Knowing what to expect when you have a termite infestation is important, as is being proactive about looking for signs of termites in the home. Your best bet to avoid the costs of termite damage from an infestation is to invest in regular preventive measures and to team up with termite control professionals such as Leo’s Pest Control.

How Much Does Termite Damage Cost to Repair in Bristol? in Bristol TN

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