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When is Termite Season in Bristol and Johnson City?

Unlike some pests, termites are more or less active all year long. Many people consider termite season to be springtime, as this is often when termites will swarm and are thus seen by people. However, termites will sometimes bunker down in the winter to escape the freezing temperatures.

Because termites are active all year, they are a constant threat to homes and businesses during all seasons. Even though termites are less active in cold temperatures, they can still actively infest your property. 

When Is Termite Season In Bristol TN; Leo's Pest Control

Do Termites Prefer Warm Weather?

Termites are most suited to temperatures between 70 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The Eastern subterranean termites we get here in Tennessee also are drawn to more wet climates, as they need contact with soil to survive. Termites generally swarm on a warm afternoon after a rainy day with no wind present. They can survive in the fall and winter months by burrowing, but they are most active and swarm in the warmer parts of the year.

How do Termites Survive the Winter?

Termites are active all year, even in the fall and winter months. However, they may alter their habits slightly in order to survive the cold weather. Here’s how: 

  1. In the fall months, termites seek out wood or soil locations that they can easily burrow through to protect themselves from colder weather.
  2. To avoid freezing temperatures, termites will dig deeper into the soil. However, the interior of your home has everything they need to survive through the winter months.
  3. The queen termite will continue to produce and lay eggs on mild days, even during the winter.
  4. Although termites will likely not be seen between the months of December and February, termites remain reproducing and tunneling through mud tubes or wood as needed.

Are Termites Seasonal?

Unfortunately, termites are a common pest problem throughout the entire year here in Bristol TN. While they certainly may be more active in the spring and summer months, termites have the ability to damage your home all year long. Because of their year-round presence, it’s all the more important to team up with a professional termite control expert such as Leo’s Pest Control for regular inspections.

When Is Termite Season in Bristol TN? in Bristol TN

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