How Often Should I Get My Home Inspected For Termites in Bristol and Johnson City?

One of the easiest ways you can prevent termites is investing in annual termite inspections from a professional pest control company. Regular inspections are the key to stopping infestations from forming.

No matter what type of home or business you own, termite problems can arise out of nowhere. Ignoring annual inspections can allow an infestation to begin and get worse in your home over time. With the help of a professional termite exterminator who knows how to look for early signs of termites, you can rest easy knowing a termite infestation isn’t underway.

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Annual Termite Inspections in Bristol TN

Every home or business owner should consider getting regular termite inspections to help prevent infestations. Older homes do tend to be more at risk for termites, making it absolutely essential to not only stay vigilant about inspecting your home yourself on a regular basis but also get a professional’s opinion every single year. That said, new buildings are also at risk and should receive a termite inspection every year as well. 

What to Look For During a Termite Inspection

In between your regular inspections with a professional pest control company, there are several things you can do to further prevent termites. Always keep your eyes peeled for the following signs of termite activity:

  1. Termite swarms: Usually seen in the spring and summer, always look for swarming termites, which look like flying ants.
  2. Piles of shed wings: Swarming termites shed their wings after establishing a new colony, indicating termites are nearby.
  3. Termite feces: Also known as frass, termite excrement looks like little wood pellets that are the size of coffee grounds.
  4. Mud tubes: Finding these mud highways in soil near a wood source around your home is a likely sign you have termites.

How Do I Get a Termite Inspection in Bristol and Johnson City TN?

To get annual termite inspections, it’s best to team up with a professional termite control company such as Leo’s pest control. Our team has the years of experience needed to provide thorough and quick termite inspections.

How Often Should I Get My Home Inspected For Termites in Bristol? in Bristol TN

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