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What Are The Costs of Termite Prevention in Bristol and Johnson City?

The costs of a termite infestation can be high if a lot of damage is caused. The costs of termite prevention can help prevent that!

Expenses involved with termite prevention vary depending on how often you need service and what type of treatment may be used and how often inspections occur. The costs of investing in termite prevention services will always be cheaper than paying for the structural damage caused by termites.

What Are The Costs Of Termite Prevention In Bristol TN; Leo's Pest Control

How Much Does a Preventative Termite Inspection Cost?

Termite inspections are one of the best prevention methods, which is why they’re recommended on an annual basis. The good news is that a general termite inspection is usually not very expensive. In fact, the cost of inspections ranges from $75 to about $150. Some companies, like Leo’s, offer them for free!

Specific termite reports such as WDIs (wood destroying insect), are required for home loans and other reasons. These inspections can cost from $200 to about $350 for an average-size home, depending on many factors, including the licensed company providing the inspection. Please call our local office for more details on pricing for this type of termite inspection.

Pest control companies may also offer termite bonds, where you will pay a fee to have regular termite control services year-round to prevent infestations. While there are costs upfront, they are always less than the cost you’d have to pay if an infestation takes over your home or business

Termite Service Costs in Bristol and Johnson City TN

When it comes to getting rid of termites, costs vary depending on the type of treatment needed as well as how serious the infestation is. Some companies will charge per linear foot or square foot. There are several factors that go into the cost, including the size of the property, the geographical location, the treatment that may be required, as well as the maturity or severity of the termite infestation.

Is Termite Prevention Necessary?

Out of all pest problems, termites are known to be the most costly. Termite infestations, when serious, can put property owners back thousands of dollars to repair structural problems. Investing in termite prevention methods and regular inspections from Leo’s Pest Control is a cost-effective way to keep termites away from your home in Tennessee.

What Are The Costs Of Termite Prevention in Bristol TN? in Bristol TN

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