Maybe you woke up this morning with itchy places on your skin and you see little red welts.

Then you notice small, dark smears on your sheets and maybe a few even look reddish-brown like dried blood.  These are 2 of the most common signs of bedbugs and might be the only indication that you have an infestation.


Bedbugs are notoriously elusive and it’s unlikely you would actually see one of the pests, at least for now!  Other signs, other than actually seeing a bedbug, are exoskeletons that are shed through their different stages of development.  You may also see little black specks on furniture and mattresses which is their waste.  To confirm that you actually have bedbugs, you need to know what you are looking for.


Bedbugs are various shades of brown, flat and have six legs.  Adults are a little bit larger than an apple seed and leave discarded skin laying around from molting.  Nymphs, from the middle stage of bedbug evolution, are smaller and lighter in color.  White and gooey, bedbug eggs are hard to see unless you have a magnifying glass.


Now I know I have bedbugs!  So how did this happen?


You’ve made a positive identification and now you’re sure you have bedbugs.  So where did they come from?  First you have to know that these pests travel by hitching rides on clothing, pocketbooks, furniture, etc.  That’s how they get from that hotel you stayed in last week to your home.  Maybe it was that couch you picked up the thrift shop and they were hiding, waiting for their free ride.  Anywhere there have been people, there is a chance there could be bedbugs.


Dormitories, motels, your friend’s house, and even hospitals are all likely possibilities when you try to figure out where those bedbugs came from.  Again, anywhere there have been people, especially a lot of people, there is a chance there are bedbugs hanging around.  It’s always best to do a little inspecting before you hit the sheets when you are sleeping in a bed other than your own.  If there are bedbugs, you’ll usually see some of the signs we listed earlier.


Some people think that a bedbug infestation comes from unsanitary conditions, kind of like roaches.  But that’s just not the case.  No matter how clean your home is, no matter how clean YOU are, you are still at risk for bedbugs.  They feed on blood so there are plenty of opportunities for their next meal and their next home and they aren’t very picky about where they set up shop.


So what do you do now?  Bedbugs are difficult to get rid of for many reasons and it really takes someone with experience, knowledge and the right tools to rid your home of this kind of infestation.


Call a professional pest control company and they will do an inspection and let you know what they can do to get rid of the problem.  Remember, the longer you wait, the bigger your problem gets.

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