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One of the biggest issues with bed bugs is that they are difficult to detect. You could have a full-blown infestation in your mattress and not even know it until it’s too late! They might have found a way into your home on clothes, luggage, bags, or furniture, and will be happy to make a home in your bed, couch, or carpet.

So if you think you have bed bugs, what are you supposed to do to get rid of them? And how can you ensure that they don’t come back?

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to spot. Here are some qualities to look for to identify bed bugs:

  • Bed bugs are tiny insects, usually around 5 mm long, but can be as small as 1 mm, making them very elusive.
  • They are round and similar in shape to a beetle, but lack wings. 
  • Their color ranges from a light brown to a reddish-brown, getting darker as they progress towards their developed adult stage.

They might be called bed bugs, but these pests are happy to take refuge in a variety of soft, dense materials. Bed bugs can be found anywhere that people go – when we’re out in public, we may bring with us some undetected bed bugs from our homes, unintentionally passing them off to others.

Signs of Bed Bugs

These evasive pests might not make themselves known all too quickly. This makes it important to be educated on what a bed bug infestation looks like. Here are some places to look for signs that you have bed bugs in your home:

  1. Your skin. If you wake up in the morning with itchy patches on your skin and you see little red welts, these might be bed bug bites. The symptoms of these bites range from minor annoyance to serious allergic reactions.
  2. Your bedsheets. Noticing small, dark smears on your sheets might mean that there are bed bugs present. Look for spots that have a reddish-brown color, similar to dried blood. Bed bugs also shed their exoskeletons as they progress through their life cycle, so noticing groups of small black specks on your sheets could indicate that there are bed bugs lurking.
  3. Any other vulnerable places. Bed bugs are capable of living on your clothes, furniture, carpet, and other places with similar material consistencies. Keep an eye out when purchasing second-hand clothing and furniture.

Some people think that a bed bug infestation is a result of poor hygiene, but this is not the case. Anyone is susceptible, regardless of how well you maintain a clean home and healthy habits.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs is a difficult task. You can try running your infested materials through a washer and dryer on high heat settings, followed by a thorough combing for bed bugs, eggs, and discarded waste. Ultimately, though, this might not be enough to tackle more serious infestations. If you find that your mattress is overrun with bed bugs, ask your local pest control company for help. Our specialists at Leo’s Pest Control are equipped to handle even the most severe cases of bed bug outbreaks. Contact us today for a free quote!

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