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Bed Bug Prevention

To keep bed bugs away from your Bristol and Johnson City property, it’s important to learn the signs of the pests, be cautious when traveling, and to work with a professional.

Bed bugs will spread easily from one apartment unit to the next. To prevent them, cover your mattress and report signs of bed bugs to your landlord!

Student housing is another prime target for bed bugs. Make sure to inspect suitcases and dorm rooms for bed bugs before and after moving.

All-natural or DIY methods won’t get rid of bed bugs, but some may help prevent them. Common methods include diatomaceous earth and essential oils.

Bed bug problems start when infested used furniture is brought into the home. Always thoroughly inspect secondhand items for signs of bed bugs before buying.

To avoid bringing bed bugs inside your home or business, check for signs of bed bugs while traveling and thoroughly clean out your suitcase when returning home.

Bed bugs rarely latch onto your cats or dogs. That said, they may harbor in your pet’s beds in more serious infestations, making it important to check often.

If you have bed bugs and want to keep them from spreading, avoid moving any infested furniture and take caution in moving laundry from one room to the next.

Bed bugs can be unpredictable—so can you avoid them? In general, knowing the signs of bed bugs and learning how to prevent them can help keep bed bugs away.

Anyone and everyone is at risk of getting bed bugs! Those who have traveled, live in apartments or dorms, or have bought used furniture are more prone.